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Holistic solutions for energy independence

What destination would you most like to visit in the future?

We most want to visit a future of stable environment, affordable energy, and economic security

for our children.  

Our Story is Your Story

Energy is a commodity, and you gain freedom by owning your power.


Like ditching an apartment to invest in home ownership, you can earn value by owning your power, and stop throwing your money away to utility landlords. 

Stillwater Counsel partners with service providers in most markets to improve energy efficiency and provide clean energy production for homes and businesses across the country. We provide free consultation to help you know your options and decide what makes the best financial sense for your family. 

We help families find freedom from inflation through ownership. 

Own your power.




-A power station for your home

-Top rated panels

-25-30 year warranties

-Industry best microinverters and string inverters 

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-Energy audits/heat mapping

-Radiant barriers

-Smart thermostats

-Water heater insulation

-Credits and rebates


Safety and Security

-Top rated Li-Ion and LFP battery backup systems

-Whole home smart generators

-Energy security when grid fails

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We are Talei and Jamie

Talei (BA, ERYT-500, YACEP) hails from Fiji and London, and teaches yoga, yoga teacher training, and meditation classes virtually. 

Jamie (BA, MA, SSM) has lived all over the Southeastern and Northwestern states, and works with a number of respected companies nationwide to provide comprehensive energy solutions (solar installations, grid backup systems, insulation and appliance upgrades) for families and business owners via virtual consultation. 

We want to make the world a better place for our children. We do that by learning and teaching, because we believe if we help others, the world is already a better place. 

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Jamie Duncan

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