Electricity rates are rising faster than ever before. I live in North Carolina, where Duke Energy's rates are scheduled to increase 9.6% in 2022 and 16% in 2023 for Duke Progress customers. For both, rates will potentially go up as much as 50% over the next five years  due to a $145 billion upgrade to the energy grid and continued commitment to natural gas. In some parts of the country, crippling utility rates are already a reality. Solar can produce the same energy at a lower rate, with no fees or taxes, and will increase the value of your home as energy costs continue to rise. 

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Solar arrays involve a number of factors, and not every home is a good fit. Your family deserves the patience and transparency of an experienced consultant to truly determine if solar is right for your home. I work with a number of companies to provide families with competitive pricing on multiple product and services, including efficiency upgrades and flexible financing. 

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